Brundall, Norfolk

Domestic Solar PV

Mrs. Ho lives very close to the RenEnergy office, driving past on a regular basis. Stopping by one day pout of curitisty, she was intrigued by the plethora of renewable technology we have installed in the showroom and keen to see how it could help her to save money.

As with most domestic installations, roof space was of a premium so the 327w SunPower module was an obvious choice, allowing Mrs. Ho to fit 4kWp of generation capacity with only 12 panels, rather than 16 lower powered 250w modules that most manufacturers supply.

In addition to the PV array, Mrs. Ho opted to include a Solar iBoost with her installation, maximising return on investment by utilising all surplus generation to heat her immersion tank.

‘I am very pleased with the system. The Solar iBoost means that I save money on my gas bill as well as my electricity bill, it is a very clever system.’