Old Hall Farm

Agricultural Solar PV

When Old Hall Farm initially contacted RenEnergy looking for guidance on their energy needs, they were still in the very early stages of planning for a new dairy shed on the farm. This level of foresight afforded them the opportunity to explore some cutting edge solutions to their significant demand for energy. After considered consultation, they opted for a completely integrated 100kWp PV array, an unusual mounting system whereby the PV modules are designed to interlock and actually form the structure of the roof, removing the need, and cost, of additional roofing material. As far as we know, this was the first and largest of array of its kind at the time of installation.

They were so pleased with returns delivered by this cost effective method of installation that barely a year had passed before they requested an additional development for the adjacent poultry units, this time opting to utilise some spare land with a 60kWp ground mounted PV array. The rigorous efforts of our planning and operations team are evident in the split layout of this array, making allowance for the gas main that run diagonally through the centre of the field.