Thorpe St Andrew

Domestic Solar PV

As a RenEnergy employee, Mr. Doug Parsons had helped with the smooth running of hundreds of PV installations before finally deciding to invest in his own energy security. The exceptional quality of SunPower modules has proven itself repeatedly, giving Mr. Parsons no doubt that it was the right module to use on his own home.

The 25 year warrantee on the craftsmanship and linear output is not only industry leading, but bac up substantially with our own experience of the product and in SunPower’s extensive case studies and analysis.

Performance is obviously a key priority for anyone considering solar PV. However in the domestic market, aesthetics feature a close second. As Mr. Parsons said; ‘I am very house proud and have spent a lot of time getting my home just the way I like it. A neat, attractive PV array was always going to be as important, if not more so. Very pleased with how the SunPower panels look on my roof’.