A ground source heat pump takes low grade heat from the ground and turns it into useful heat for space heating and hot water.

Our dedicated renewable heat team have both the knowledge and experience to deliver heating systems that meet 100% of your heating and hot water needs. As well as design and installation, RenEnergy offer a full service including heat loss surveys, feasibility studies, planning, RHI guidance and post-installation support.

  • How Does it Work?

    A ground source heat pump takes low-grade heat from the ground and turns it into useful heat for space heating and hot water.

  • What are the benefits?

    The systems are efficient. Every unit of electricity you put into the system you receive between 2-4 units of heat. However they do required electricity to run, but they are greener than a commonly used fossil fuelled system. The systems work well in conjunction with under floor heating.

    How they benefit you, ground source heat pumps could:

    Lower your fuel bills, especially if you replace conventional electric heating
    Lower home carbon emissions, depending on which fuel you are replacing
    They can heat the area as well as heat water, with minimal maintenance required.

  • Is a ground source pump suitable for me?

    Here are some key statements to consider:

    Is the area around the building suitable for a ground loop: The ground needs to be suitable for digging a trench or a borehole and accessible to digging machinery.

    Is the building well insulated? Ground source pumps work best when producing heat at a lower temperature than traditional boilers. Thus it is essential that your home is well insulated for the system to be effective.

  • Costs, savings and financial support

    Earnings: You maybe able to receive payments for the heat you generate for the heart you generate using heat pump through the UK government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). This is a government run scheme where by the government pays per kW of micro-generated renewable heat they produce.

  • Can I retro-fit a heat pump to my existing house?

    This is possible, and we will work with you to identify the different ways you can install a heat pump system.

  • Will I need to dig a trench?

    Yes, the system requires ground loops, which have to be buried. A (very rough) rule of thumb to calculate the ground loop area required, is twice the square footage of the building you are heating. The trench is around 1.8m deep where the ground temperature remains constant through the year.

  • Do I need three phase electricity for a heat pump?

    Single-phase electricity will be fine for heat pumps up to 10kW; anything larger will require 3-phase electricity.

To find out more about whether Ground Source Heating meets your requirements please contact our technical team to discuss your needs.