Eco-Conversions is RenEnergy’s established and trusted under floor heating brand. Started in 2003 and has been used in a wide range of projects from conservatories, churches to mansions and warehouses.

Eco-Conversions have been designing, supplying and installing under floor heating since 2003, installing over 2,000 systems in all kinds of buildings from homes to conservatories. The use of under floor heating has gone from niche to main market over the recent years.

Eco-Conversions use only the best products with the best designs with the best warranty on the market. The design and the control of the system is absolutely key to ensure that we minimize the energy that is used to heat the house or business plus you get the beauty of easy to use controls with the advantage of remote control from iphone or android.

  • How Does it Work?

    Pipes are placed in a screed under the floor covering in your home. Warm water is circulated through the pipes delivering heat to the room.

    The under floor heating system is managed by a control system which can be programmed to give each room or zone its own heat profile and the room stats lean the heating profile of the rooms to ensure the correct temperature is maintained.

  • What are the benefits?

    Under floor heating systems can be fully controlled so that each room is the temperature you require it to be. The system can also be controlled to work at different times in the day via a smartphone if required.

    Radiant heat produced by under floor heating system eliminates hot or cold spots and draughts, so the distribution of the heat is in equilibrium across the room. There is no need for a radiator, allowing the room to be more spacious.

    The system requires very little maintenance, and is 30% more efficient than traditional heating systems.

    Under floor heating systems work well with renewable heat sources such as heat pumps and biomass boilers, as several heat sources can be connected to the under floor heating- dependant on the control system.

    Underfloor heating can be installed on the ground and first floor and under almost any floor covering.

  • Is my property suitable for under floor heating?

    Underfloor heating is most suited to new builds or conversions. We have fitted in retrofits but the upheaval can take extra money but you do end up with no radiators and more comfort.

  • Will I need planning permission?

    No the system will not need planning permission.

  • How long will an installation take?

    Installation on a four bedroom house can take a couple of days. We are always happy to do the work at weekends to ensure you don’t lose valuable build time.

  • Is it more expensive than radiators?

    The under floor heating is marginally more expensive that radiators but if you look at running costs and available floor space it is a very quick payback.

To find out more about whether Underfloor Heating meets your requirements please contact our technical team to discuss your needs