Reduce overheads, improve green credentials and secure your energy future with a free solar PV system from RenEnergy.

Energy-intensive businesses are perfectly placed to take advantage of our well-established Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) funding model, and could be saving thousands per year on energy bills without any capital outlay.

RenEnergy has developed and delivered a number of high-profile PPA solar projects across the UK. At its simplest, RenEnergy enters into a lease agreement with you for 25-40 years, allowing us to install a solar PV array on your otherwise redundant available roof or ground space. We then sell your business the green energy generated at a discounted rate. If it is not used we export it to the national grid.

This arrangement has several core benefits to your business, all with zero capital outlay:

  • Significantly reduce your annual energy expenditure. Often the single greatest cost to a business after wages.
  • Improve your green credentials. Solar PV is a big tick against your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which not only sits well with end consumers, but is increasingly valued throughout your whole supply chain. Ultimately, going green could be crucial to securing the next big contract.
  • Hedge against energy inflation. By reducing your dependence on the grid, you are sheltering your company from unpredictable and fluctuating costs. With green levies and transmission charges accounting for over 50% of an energy bill, prices are set to rocket in the coming years, even if commodity prices don’t.
  • Fixed or flexible tariffs. No two companies are the same, so we offer PPA deals to best suit your financial plan. Choose from either a fixed (index linked) discount rate for the duration of the term, or opt for our proprietary market-tracking model. Where we will sell you energy at the given market rate less 10%.
  • Help to meet ESOS, and other government enforced commitments. Whilst currently voluntary, the government will increasingly move towards ‘stick’ methods to meet its carbon commitments. Offset your impact now before you are forced to comply with expensive measures or hit with significant carbon taxes.
  • Maintenance and hassle free. As part of the lease agreement your system will have an ongoing operation and maintenance contract, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.
  • No Minimum requirement on use. We only ask that if you use power you use our cheaper greener energy first but no minimum quantity.
  • Non-binding and fully transferable. In the event that your business outgrows your current premises, the PPA contract can be transferred to the new occupants.
  • Add to your bottom line and ultimately your company’s value. Reduce your overheads and increase your EBITDA.
  • Ownership of the system transfers to you at the end of the lease. Solar PV has a useful life of at least 40 years, meaning that you will receive FREE green energy for its remaining 20 year lifetime.

Suitability will vary, but if you are a large energy consumer, have available roof or ground space, and own or have a long-term lease on your business premises, you could be adding thousands to your bottom line.

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