RenEnergy is now fully certified by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles to install home charge points for electric and plugin hybrid cars. The certification allows our customers to take advantage of the OLEV grant, a government subsidy of up to £500 for the purchase and installation of an EV charge point.

Home charging is the most cost effective way to charge your electric or plugin hybrid vehicle.

Capable of saving you £000’s per year, a dedicated charge point is both faster, and more efficient than a conventional three-pin plug.

With EV charging costs as little as 2p per mile on standard electricity supplies, it is not hard to see why electric vehicles are predicted to account for 35% of all new car sales by 2040.

Many of our solar solar PV customers could see even greater savings when charging during sunlight hours, harnessing the sun to power their cars as well as their homes.

You can read a full overview of the OLEV scheme HERE, but in brief:

  • Government subsidy for 75% of the value, up to £500, for the purchase and installation of a home charge point.
  • The registered owner of any eligible electric or plugin hybrid vehicle qualifies for the grant.
  • The grant can only be claimed on your behalf by an OLEV certified installer (like RenEnergy).
  • You can claim one charge point grant per eligible vehicle.

Of course, charging doesn’t need to be a solely home based activity. Many owners will use their EV for the daily commute, so why not speak to your employers and ask about installing charge points at the office. We can even offer very attractive profit share schemes for businesses that will offer pay-per-pay charging to the public.

RenEnergy is a certified to install both Rolec and EO chargers, so if you have recently purchased an electric or plugin hybrid vehicle, or are thinking of investing in a low cost future; give RenEnergy a call to discuss the best solution for you.


Tom Lloyd