Our international arm, RenEnergy Africa, is the renewables partner for the Spier Wine Estate in South Africa.

RenEnergy is proud to be the renewables partner for the Spier Wine Estate: one of the oldest vineyards and wine estates in south Africa. Founded in 1682, the Spier Wine Estate in Stellenbosch creates some of the world’s most-celebrated wines. Photo of spier wine estate building

RenEnergy Africa supplied and installed five solar panel systems on the Spier estate: on the hotel, conference facility, wine tasting rooms, finance office and wine cellar.

The Spier Wine Estate is committed to reducing its environmental impact, using minimal chemicals and recycling more than 98% of their solid waste. Our solar installation furthers this environmental commitment by minimising the estate’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Together, the five systems supply the farm with 40,630 kWh of electricity every year. This clean, solar energy saves 16,183.9kg of C02 every year.

Alexander Matthews, Spier Wine Estate, said:

“As our solar energy partner, RenEnergy is playing a crucial role in helping us to tread evermore lightly on our planet. They have installed three solar power systems and there are more to come. We greatly appreciate their team’s hard work, dedication, professionalism – as well as the commitment they share with us to a greener future.”

Our connection with the Spier Wine Estate goes further than our renewables partnership. We are lucky enough to be based in offices on the stunning Spier Estate. At our office, we also installed two solar ground arrays, and two roof arrays.