We completed one of the UK’s largest combined solar and energy storage carports for global insurer, Aviva, at their offices in Perth, Scotland.

The installation includes 3,283 solar PV panels set to generate 812,000kWh. Around 77% of that figure will be used by the offices while the remainder will be stored in the 1.8MWh energy storage system, either for later use or for export to the grid. The storage system is to feature Tesla Powerpack technology, which is set to manage the flow of electricity between the solar modules, office buildings, grid and electric vehicle chargers.

The solar carport, combined with its state-of-the-art battery storage system, will allow the site to operate ‘off grid’ for up to five hours a day during peak times.

Here’s what Aviva’s COO, Nick Amin, had to say about the installation:

“The Perth solar and storage initiative is a great example of how Aviva is innovating to secure a sustainable energy supply and support the electric vehicle revolution.”

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