Statistics released by the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) on Tuesday 4th August reveal that solar PV is the UK’s most popular renewable energy technology.

The DECC surveyed the general public to gage attitudes and acceptance towards different renewable energy solutions, and solar PV was the runaway winner with 81 percent of respondents in favour of its deployment. Just 6 percent of respondents opposed the technology.

Wave and tidal energy was the second most popular source with 74 percent support, while onshore wind was the least popular – that being said, onshore wind was still supported by almost two-thirds (65 percent) of respondents.

The latest DECC survey suggests that wide support for renewables remains high in the UK, with 75 percent stating their support for renewable energy generation. In total, just 4 percent of those questioned opposed renewable energy deployment altogether.

These statistics appear to contradict the Conservative government’s continued assertions that the general public has had enough of utility-scale onshore wind and solar farms, using it as added ammunition for withdrawing subsidies.

Daisy Sands, Head of Energy at Greenpeace UK, told Solar Power Portal that the survey showed ministers’ priorities with regard to renewable energy are “at the polar opposite” of what the general public actually wants.

“Popular technologies like wind and solar are having their support axed, whilst the unpopular fracking industry keeps getting preferential treatment. It’s becoming quite clear that people are seeing through the smokescreen of propaganda and spin created by the shale lobby and their minister friends,” she added.