UK energy secretary Amber Rudd has defended her plans to reduce renewable energy subsidies and cut funds for home energy efficiency; saying that solar and wind power generators can prosper in Britain without them.

The Conservative government has put an early end to solar and biomass power subsidies and has cut schemes aimed at better insulating and powering homes. The programme’s inefficiencies and cost to tax payers has been cited as the reason for the cuts, however the decision has drawn widespread criticism from climate change groups and the industry itself.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Rudd said, “I feel we can deliver on low-carbon electricity through fewer subsidies. The point about subsidies is they should be something that provides support, ahead of going without subsidies. Nobody wants subsidies to be there permanently.”

“I will be talking to the solar industry to make sure that the support we are going to continue giving them for a little while longer does actually focus in the right area, to help become subsidy-free,” she added.