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1st February 2018

How to spot fraudulent activity

Industry News

In September we posted an article titled “A new scam taking place”. It highlighted that companies were phoning PV system owners to sell products and services to stop their system catching on fire.  We wanted to make sure that our custom...

31st January 2018

Is subsidy free solar viable?

Industry News

The government definitely thinks so. How about industry experts? Again, many believe it is. Abid Kazim, the MD of NextEnergy Solar Fund, is passionate that solar can indeed be subsidy free, if, as he pointed out in the opening session of...

17th January 2018

2018 Energy Trends

Industry News

Last week the guardian posted an article on five renewable energy trends to watch in 2018, and here is a summary of what they are: Renewable energy costs will continue to fall Since 2009, solar prices have dropped by 62 % and off-shore w...

7th December 2017

The future of FiT

Industry News

Last month the government published their Autumn Budget 2017, which not only mentioned that renewable energy levies will be cut (see our previous post) but it also confirmed that the Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) will close to new accreditation a...

3rd November 2017

Sustainable Food and Beverage Conference

Company News

On Tuesday 7th we will be attending the Sustainable Food and Beverage Conference. Ever wandered how your company could reduce electricity bills or how your company could reach its CSR? We will be able to answer your questions with our pr...

29th September 2017

First Subsidy Free Solar Farm

Industry News, Technology

This week saw the opening of the UK’s first solar farm that was built in the absence of any government support. Clayhill Solar Farm in Bedfordshire has paved the way for subsidy free installations on a large scale. It  has a capacity of...

15th September 2017

Solar PV system fault – Not True

Company News

RenEnergy has been made aware of several companies that claiming our PV systems are catching fire and that they will send an engineer out to fix the problem. We would like to confirm that this is not true. RenEnergy has not partnered wit...

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