A.H. Worth & Company

Commercial Solar PV

A.H. Worth is a large-scale food processing and packaging operation based in the Lincolnshire Fens. Back in 2011 they were looking at several options for creating efficiencies within their business, including wind, solar PV and anaerobic digestion.

Dipping their toe in the water, RenEnergy were initially instructed to install a 44kWp roof-mounted array on one of the packaging buildings. This initial foray into PV proved to be very successful, far exceeding the predicted levels of generation and savings year on year.

Having proved itself technically over a three year period, the first array sold the concept of renewable energy as a viable alternative to the directors and facilities managers at A.H Worth, who in late 2014 approached RenEnergy again, looking to significantly expand generation capacity across two more buildings.

Adding 206kWp increased their total generation capacity to approximately 210,433kWh per year, significantly reducing onsite demand for grid supplied electricity. However, this was not the only consideration at play when choosing renewables. Increasingly the food industry is being shaped by the consumer’s demand for sustainably sourced and processed produce. Reducing the company’s carbon footprint in such an overt way is a shrewd business move in a climate where accountability, traceability and sustainability are todays big buzz words.