Aviva Solar Carport, Norwich

Commercial Solar PV

RenEnergy has completed one of the largest solar carports in the UK for multinational insurance provider Aviva.

Covering 250 car parking spaces at their Horizon building Norwich, the installation will generate more than 542,000 kWh per year, enough to power 138 homes. During peak hours the office, which accommodates 1,000 employees, will effectively be off-grid and powered 100% by the sun.

Damian Baker from RenEnergy said: “We were delighted to be provided with the opportunity to showcase our bespoke solar carport designs with such a high-profile customer.  Aviva has shown real foresight in utilising its car park to expand its generation capacity, whilst reducing its environmental impact and future-proofing the business for the electric car revolution.”

“We hope other companies will follow Aviva’s lead and the benefits offered by the innovative design.”

Across the course of a year this system will provide more than 32% of the sites total energy demand, representing a carbon offset saving of 166.5 tonnes per year, and a major contribution towards Aviva’s ambitious efforts to tackle climate change.

In 2006 Aviva became the first carbon neutral international insurer, and is working towards a 70% reduction in operational CO2e across the whole company by 2030.

Designed with the Electric Vehicle (EV) revolution in mind, the carport has futureproofed the Horizon office to allow for the addition of EV charging infrastructure to meet user demand as it arises. This will allow Aviva employees to charge their low-carbon vehicle directly from the sun, and avoid the constraints of an overloaded electricity grid.

Stuart Wright, Property and Facilities Director, Aviva said: “The solar carport is a really innovative way to generate green energy, tackle climate change and reduce our environmental impact. It’s a fantastic design that delivers on the environmental benefits without impacting on space.  And it’s ready for the future with the electric vehicle revolution just around the corner. We are thrilled with RenEnergy’s brilliant design and construction.  It was great to be able to use a local company whose skill and expertise in this field has delivered this amazing result.”

RenEnergy’s proprietary carport design was manufactured in Norfolk, and can be modified to accommodate almost any car park layout without losing any available spaces.

As with all of RenEnergy’s renewable energy solutions, economic and environmental sustainability are key, so our system uses screw pile anchors in order to minimise the need for polluting and expensive concrete ballast, as well as providing flexibility of design that can be installed in any space or on any surface.

The 608kWp solar carport was built using 1,872 cutting edge split-cell solar panels supplied by Hanwha Q-Cell, and 24 Fronius solar string inverters.