Aviva Solar Carport, Perth

Commercial solar and storage

Following the success of the Norwich solar carport, RenEnergy furthered its relationship with Aviva with the completion of a second solar carport at the insurer’s Perth site.

Aviva is famously an environmentally conscious insurer: the firm became carbon neutral in 2017 and aspires to generate or purchase 100% of its energy from renewable sources. The Perth site has the second highest energy usage of any Aviva office, making it the natural choice for the firm’s second solar carport. Alongside the solar carport, RenEnergy incorporated 50 EV charge points and a commercial-scale battery. The array covers 342 parking spaces and provides 812,000 kWh of energy every year.

The bespoke steel carport structure was designed especially for the Perth site. The carpark has a unique layout, so the carport’s modular design enabled ease of installation, and ensured no parking spaces were lost. Rather than concrete, we used screw pile anchors to root the base of the structure. Should the solar carport ever need to be removed, minimal traces would be left on the landscape. The EV charge points are mounted to the carport frame to minimise clutter and disruption in the carpark.

We used Hanwha Q-Cell Q. Peak Duo-G5 325 panels for the carport ‘roof’. This is mono-pitched and positioned at a five-degree angle in a southerly direction. This enables maximum solar energy generation, but also provides enough space for a vehicle to park beneath the panels.

The system’s battery can store 700-900 MWh of energy each year, allowing the site to operate off-grid for 5 hours a day during peak times. This helps relieve strain on the local network during periods of peak consumption when the carbon intensity of power is typically highest.

As with all our projects, we worked hard to keep site disruption to a minimum. Parking is at a premium on this 1000-employee campus, so construction was phased to ensure only 70 parking spaces were ever out of use at any one time.

Designing a bespoke array for Aviva mean that the system perfectly complements the site. The office is a grade-A listed building, situated in a ‘stepped’ campus that backs onto the natural landscape. We camouflaged the battery with natural colouring and tree-planting to ensure the system is unobtrusive.

We’re proud to say that Aviva is thrilled with the level of care and detail we applied to the Perth solar carport. Further collaborative projects between Aviva and RenEnergy are already in the planning stage.

“It’s vital that businesses in all industries put words into action when it comes to tackling the climate emergency. That’s why we are taking strides to reduce our environmental impact and partner with leading technology specialists to help make that happen. The Perth solar and storage initiative is a great example of how Aviva is innovating to secure a sustainable energy supply and support the electric vehicle revolution.”