Bernard Matthews

Agriculture Solar PV

In 2015 Bernard Matthews launched the Big Green Plan with the aim to be the UK’s greenest farmer and to put sustainability at the very heart of the business. As part of the plan PV was installed by RenEnergy on 30 farms. Totalling a whopping 5 MW of generation capacity. These systems were designed to work alongside wind energy and a biomass boilers already installed at many of the sites.

The installation was carried out in two phases across Norfolk and Lincolnshire. RenEnergy own and maintain the solar farms, selling the electricity to Bernard Matthews at a discounted rate. Any excess electricity that is generated is sold back to the grid. This means that Bernard Matthews did not have to pay any upfront capital costs, but get to benefit from renewable electricity prices that are much lower than the price paid for grid electricity. RenEnergy monitor the sites daily and undertake all maintenance, allowing Bernard Matthews to focus on what they do best.

Since installing solar PV Bernard Matthews has saved over 4,479 tonnes of CO2, this is the equivalent of driving a car for 29,859,514 km or planting 114,845 trees! Needless to say Bernard Matthews is on its way to being self sufficient.