Bird Brand, Thetford

Commercial Solar PV

In a competitive market, adding to its bottom line is always a priority for Bird Brand, a Norfolk-based paint and chemical manufacturer.

RenEnergy installed commercial solar panels to help Bird Brand alleviate concerns about grid resilience, and reduce the company’s energy spend. Challenges to installation included existing roof skylights. Essential for operations, these could not be covered.

The installed solar PV array generates 43,862 kWh every year – 44% of the site’s annual energy demand.

As well as reducing Bird Brand’s energy spend, the solar systems improves the company’s environmental credentials. The factory conducts most of its work during daylight hours, perfectly matching peak solar generation patterns. This allows the factory to consider more electrically operated equipment rather than fossil fueled.

Roger Jones, Managing Director at Bird Brand, said:

“Our new solar installation from RenEnergy allows us to save money on our energy bills, while also our environmental impact. From start to finish, the job was carried out with complete professionalism, on time and to budget.”