Briar Chemicals

Commercial Solar PV

Briar Chemicals’ Executive Director and Site Manager Tim Green had one goal. He wanted to focus on production of cost-effective high quality chemicals, whilst doing so in an extremely environmentally friendly way. Installing 1.9 MW of solar power was an obvious next step. The ground array will enhance the biodiversity of the area, providing shelter and habitat to a wide variety of insects, animals and wildflowers, further adding to the green credentials of the project.

The solar array was installed at no capital cost to Briar. Instead it is owned and maintained by RenEnergy. RenEnergy offers a percentage discount on whatever rate Briar can negotiate on the energy market, ensuring that they never pay more for their renewable energy than they would from the grid, even in the unlikely scenario that energy prices crash.

Briar will consume around 70 % of the 1,800,000 kWh of energy generated on site, with the remaining exported elsewhere. Briar will offset 860 tonnes of CO2 annually generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of 400 houses.