Church Farm, Eyeworth

Agriculture Solar PV

W.J.Kendall & Sons is a family farm that has operated in Bedfordshire since 1897. The home farm has branched into contracting and renewable energy. A biomass boiler has already been installed on site, alongside two PV installations carried out by RenEnergy  at Church Farm. This meant that W.J.Kendall and Sons were on their way to becoming a self-sufficient farm.

RenEnergy was contacted again to install a larger PV system, at 250 kWp. The time scale for this installation was small. The team had just two weeks to install the entire system so that it was in line with the crop cycle of the farm.

On top of the chicken sheds 892 Q-cell panels were installed with a rating of 280W. This generates 240,404, kWh of electrical energy each year. It also saves the farm 38.69 tonnes of CO2 per year, which is the equivalent of driving your car for 257,927 km. Ultimately, the economics of the project is key. The 250 kWp installation has a 13.78 % return on investment. 123