Greenshoots Ltd

Commercial Solar PV

From the Greenshoots website, their ethos is clear:

‘Greenshoots’ objective is to help our members to collaborate in producing and marketing vegetables in an environmentally sustainable way, whilst exceeding our customers’ expectations’.

So it was of no surprise during our initial consultation to hear that Greenshoots had specifically designed their state-of-the-art new cold storage facility to accommodate a solar PV array, a measure they felt necessary to help offset the tremendous carbon footprint associated with the storage of thousands of tons of onions.

If sustainability was the group’s main focus, it cannot be said that the investment was made without at least one eye on the economics. With the ever increasing cost of energy, perhaps the most significant cost to any cold storage business, it was a shrewd investment for the efficient future operation of the facility.

From and economic perspective the 230kWp array will provide approximately 200,000kWh of green energy per year, but even so, Greenshoots will consume 100% almost year round. This will deliver a solid 15.69% ROI, and, by reducing their reliance upon the grid, help hedge against the uncertainty of future energy price fluctuations.