James Paget Hospital

Public Sector Solar PV

The James Paget University Hospital is one of the largest primary and emergency NHS care providers in East Anglia. Reliable energy supply is critical to operations at the hospital, and constitutes a significant proportion of its annual running costs.

Situated on a large plot on the outskirts of Gorleston, a ground mounted solar PV array was a perfect way to utilise otherwise defunct scrubland surrounding the site. RenEnergy helped managers at the hospital to assess the peak energy loads and annual demands of the hospital, giving them a fairly accurate idea of the money that could be saved.

The 382.5kWp array will provide 25% of the hospitals peak daytime demand which equates to approximately 10% of total annual energy consumption, a significant saving that the hospital will benefit from for the 30-40 year life of the system.

The installation will also generate welcome additional revenue in an environment of constantly stretched and squeezed budgets, with the hospital receiving in the region of £50,000 per year.

David Adams, Head of Facilities at James Paget, invested in solar ‘as a safe non-contentious option that will perform with low operating costs for years to come’.