Natures Menu

Commercial Solar PV

With a focus on providing natural, high-quality pet food, Natures Menu is one of Europe’s largest pet food brands. After relocating to a new factory, Natures Menu approached RenEnergy to tackle their increased energy consumption. We completed a large solar panel installation to reduce the firm’s reliance on grid energy.

The finished installation generates 459,475 kWh of energy a year – 15% of the building’s annual demand.

We negotiated a number of challenges to installation: a large flat roof in an exposed area meant the panels were susceptible to uplift in winds, combined with a lightweight roof unable to bear substantial weight.

All our systems are bespoke. For Natures Menu, we selected a low-ballast option to accommodate the lightweight roof. We added hard-wearing walkways to protect the roof, and provide ease of access for maintenance. We also incorporated a sacrificial layer under the panels to protect the manufacturers’ warranty on the newly-installed roof.

As well as saving Natures Menu money on electricity – increasing profitability – the installation demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility that complements the brand’s nature conscious ethos.

Mike Bedford, Compliance Team Manager at Natures Menu, said:

“As the leading producer of high-quality natural pet foods, we believe that this long-term investment in green energy facilitated by RenEnergy is a major signal of our commitment to modern pet parents, who care for both their pets and the environment they live in.”