Park Farm

Agricultural Solar PV

In 2012 Park Farm was breaking ground on a large-scale expansion of their poultry business, including seven new sheds. Conscious of the ever increasing contribution energy costs were making to the bottom line of their business, the farm came to RenEnergy looking for a turnkey solution that would help to insure them against future price hikes.

It was decided that Air Source Heat Pumps and underfloor heating would be the most efficient method for heating the new units, making solar PV the obvious choice to offset the rise in electricity consumption, and keep operating costs to a minimum.

Available land was not an issue, allowing Park Farm to install a 400kWp ground mount array in front of the new buildings. With virtually no maintenance needed, the farm can get on with its core operations safe in the knowledge that their poultry business will be operating cheaply and efficiently for years to come.