Scantlebury Farms

Agricultural Solar PV

In early 2014, Scantlebury Farms approached their land management contractor Strutt & Parker looking for ways to invest capital and generate additional revenue for the business.
After assessing the options open to them, they decided to put a solar PV project out to tender, and following a successful submission, RenEnergy was elected to design, supply and install a 50kWp solar PV array.

The installation will reduce the farm’s carbon footprint by more than
20.5 tonnes of CO2 per year whilst generating over 80% of their daytime electricity needs. As Joseph Vitolla, project manager at Strutt & Parker explains, ‘It was fundamentally important to our client that the investment was not just financially lucrative, but had a positiveenvironmental impact as well’.

The array was installed on a single barn roof, but split between two
separate grid connections, allowing the farm to untilise self-generated electricity across all of their onsite activity. In the first year alone, Scantlebury will save over £2540 on their electricity bill and generate almost £7000 in additional farm revenue.