Stratstan Ltd, Norwich

Commercial Solar PV

Michael Tuffen, owner of Stratstan Ltd, initially contacted RenEnergy regarding his domestic property in late 2014. Having been impressed with the savings and returns that were available at home, he saw the potential to utilise the otherwise redundant space atop his commercial unit to save his company money and generate an additional revenue stream.

Far from being a vast industrial rooftop in the first place, the Stratstan building was further limited on space due a number of essential roof lights that could not be covered. However, with a little bit of clever design, we were able to squeeze 100 modules onto the roof, giving Mr. Tuffen 25kWp or approximately 22,500kWh to utilise per year.

In the first year alone this installation will equate to almost £5,500 in combined savings and income, a return on investment that will only improve as energy prices continue to increase and the FiT rises in line with inflation.