Damian Baker

Damian Baker is the founder of RenEnergy. He started RenEnergy in 2006 with the initial focus on the wider application of renewable energy, including biomass, heat pumps and Solar PV, a natural progression from his first business, Eco Barn Conversions.

Damian’s educational background is in agricultural management, he also has a degree in economics obtained in the US. Upon returning to the UK Damian worked in the agricultural industry, which formed the foundation of RenEnergy’s deep understanding of energy in this sector. Today RenEnergy UK focuses on the application of Solar PV within agriculture and the wider commercial sector. With his abundant knowledge of renewables, Damian is the key driver behind business development, co-founding RenEnergy South Africa in 2012 to tackle the unique challenges and learning curves presented by that market. Damian is a keen tennis player and music fan, attending Glastonbury more times than he cares to remember.

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