Save your surplus energy for later with RenEnergy’s battery storage. Cut your organisation’s spend on carbon intensive energy from the grid, and improve your green credentials.

RenEnergy’s commercial energy storage allows you to store your self-generated solar energy for use at a later time.

Without battery storage, solar energy must be used in real-time, with any excess released to the grid. Solar plus storage saves your unused energy for later, reducing your reliance on fossil fuels and grid energy. This stored solar electricity can then be used outside of daylight hours, during cloudy spells, or for periods of unusually high energy consumption.

Energy storage may be installed at the same time as your solar panels, or retrofitted at a later date. They can also provide additional power to facilitate electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Depending on your business’s energy tariff, you can even draw cheaper energy from the grid at night and save it for use during peak times.

RenEnergy installs different types, and brands, of battery storage to suit your needs. We’re proud to be a Tesla Powerwall certified installer.

  • How do batteries work?

    If your solar system is generating more energy than required, a battery will store this and prevent it from being released back to the grid. The electricity may then be used by your business when it is really needed

  • What sort of batteries do you use?

    It all depends on the energy demand of your business. If you have a ‘spikey’ load profile, such as a factory running lots of machinery at different times of day, we would use lithium-ion batteries. These are like a mobile phone battery, but much bigger. For more predictable load profiles (such as large office buildings) we use something called flow storage machines.

  • How long will my battery last?

    This is dependent upon the type of technology (whether lithium or flow), and the load profile of the site in question. Typically, lithium-ion batteries have a 10-15-year warrantied life-cycle. With regular maintenance, flow machines have a 25-year guarantee.

  • How large are the batteries?

    Lithium-ion batteries are relatively compact, able to deliver many MW of power from a single 40 foot shipping container. Flow machines can be significantly larger, and are best suited to large commercial or rural sites.

  • Can I run my building from batteries during a power cut?

    It is possible to run your building, or at least business critical circuits, indefinitely by using solar generation and battery storage, including in the event of a power cut. However, you will need to specify this requirement as it is not a standard feature of all technologies