RenEnergy’s commercial solar panels save you money on your energy bills, reduce your carbon emissions, and protect you from rising energy costs.

A commercial solar PV installation from RenEnergy allows your organisation to reduce its energy spend by generating clean energy on-site. This, in turn, improves your bottom line and reduces your environmental impact.

Each solar installation from RenEnergy is custom-designed to maximise energy yield and available space. Our arrays may be ground or roof-mounted, depending on your business’s requirements. However, they’re all created using high-spec products from our technical partners.

Our commercial solar panels may be paired with an industrial battery, to store your solar energy for use at a later date. From start to finish, you will be looked after by RenEnergy’s experienced team of installers and project managers, ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible.

With climate change high on the world’s agenda, all eyes are on businesses to take action and responsibility. Producing low carbon electricity for your business reduces your C02 emissions, minimising your environmental impact.

  • How do solar PV panels work?

    Solar panels contain wafers of silicon between layers of glass, metal, and an anti-glare coating. When sunlight shines on the solar cells, electrons in the silicon are agitated. They start to move, creating a direct current of electricity. This flows through an inverter, changing it to alternating current. The solar electricity is then used in real-time by your business or organisation. Any unused electricity may be stored by a battery, if you have one, or released to the grid.

  • Do I need planning permission to install solar panels for my business?

    It depends. All ground-mounted solar arrays will need planning permission. In most areas, roof-mounted solar systems fall under permitted development (so you don’t need planning permission). However, you should always check with your local authority.

  • Will I need three phase electricity?

    In general, systems over 10kW will require three phase connections. Get in touch with a member of our technical team for more information.

  • How long will an installation take?

    Since all our commercial solar PV installations are bespoke, the duration of projects can vary. It depends on size, energy demand, and whether things like G99 approval or planning permission are required. In general, the process can take anywhere between one and three months. However, once our team is on-site, it takes roughly just five days to install a 50kW system.

  • What are the benefits of ground-mounted vs roof-mounted systems?

    There are benefits to both ground and roof-mounted solar panel systems – it all depends on the individual requirements of your organisation.

    Roof-mounted solar panels are the most common choice for businesses. They are cheaper to install, as you don’t have to build a structure or foundations to mount them. They also take up less space, and utilise an otherwise unused space to generate electricity, save you money, and safeguard the environment.

    If your roof space is unsuitable for PV panels, your business can still benefit by generating its own solar electricity. Ground-mounting your solar panels gives you greater control of how you orientate your array, and makes it easier to troubleshoot and repair any issues. Ground-mounted solar panels also generate slightly more energy, as air circulating under the panels keeps them cool – increasing their efficiency.

For more information about our commercial solar installations, or to request a quote, please call our technical sales team on 01603 713448. Alternatively, you can drop us an email.