Cut emissions and save money on your EV charging with convenient, on-site electric vehicle charge points.

Charging your electric vehicle needn’t cost the earth. On-site EV charge points are more cost-effective and convenient than public electric vehicle chargers.

Demand for EV charging infrastructure is increasing. Consumer passion for the environment and government incentivisation means electric vehicles are becoming a mainstream transport option. Making it easy for staff and visitors to charge their electric cars on-site contributes to employee satisfaction, and aligns with environmental CSR objectives. For organisations considering an electric fleet, on-site charging is essential.

Electric vehicle charge points may be incorporated into solar PV installations, directing energy generated straight to an EV. Why invest in a green car, only to charge it with carbon-intensive grid energy?

Our solar panel plus electric vehicle charge systems are custom-designed to make the most of your available space and increase energy yield – whether that’s a roof array or solar carport. EV chargers vary: from fast to standard charging, and AC to DC. Whatever your needs, we can provide an electric vehicle charge point to suit.

  • How do solar panels with EV chargers work?
    Excess solar energy is directed to the vehicle charge point. If the EV needs more electricity, it will draw it from the grid. Some EV charging points can monitor the amount of solar energy being generated, and adjust the rate of charge accordingly – so you aren’t paying to charge your vehicle.

    Largescale solar charging systems can even charge staff a competitive rate to charge their EV at work rather than a public charge point. This generates additional revenue for your business, while helping staff save money on running their EVs.

  • I don’t want solar panels – can I still have an EV charging point?
    Electric vehicle charging points are most cost-effective for organisations that already generate cheap solar energy. Solar also provides additional power to your site, allowing more charge points to run simultaneously as your fleet grows. Get in touch with our technical sales team for more information.
  • Do I need a battery to have EV charging?
    As demand for EVs increases, so too will the demand for power at your site. It may not always be possible to deliver the required power using your existing grid connection, meaning that an expensive upgrade is necessary. Alternatively, battery storage could a be a cost-effective solution, providing the required ‘head room’ in you supply, as well as a host of other benefits.

    For more information, contact our technical sales team to discuss your solar electric vehicle charger project. Email or call 01603 713448.