Our end-to-end customer service doesn’t stop at installation. Our operations and maintenance service ensures your solar panels provide the maximum return on your investment.

Like most of us, solar panels perform better when they receive a little TLC. Regular solar panel maintenance from RenEnergy keeps your array generating at peak capacity.

We use the highest spec solar panels with long-term warranties, so serious faults are rare. However, our thorough operations and maintenance service provides peace of mind that your installation is working hard to save you money.

Along with regular maintenance, our technical solar panel cleaning services keeps your system ticking over. Build ups of dust, pollen, bird droppings, and industrial pollutants can all hinder the performance of your panels.

Over one year, a clean array will outperform a dirty one by an average of 4.7%. However, we’ve seen highly-soiled panels generate 50% more energy after cleaning. Our solar panel maintenance contracts are bespoke, depending on the specification of your array. Services we provide include:

  • Annual servicing: Catch any warning signs, and prevent problems from developing
  • 24/7 remote system monitoring: Our office team monitor the performance of your system daily, reducing potential downtime
  • Technical telephone support and troubleshooting to resolve minor errors
  • Quarterly and annual performance report: Provides an overview of your energy portfolio and any advisory actions
  • FiT payment check: For customers with a pre-existing feed-in tariff arrangement, our monitoring service ensures you receive the correct payments
  • Cleaning: Our specialist solar panel cleaning service improves the efficiency of your system
  • Maintenance and repairs: In case of a fault, our engineers will get you back up and running
  • Why do solar panels need cleaning?

    Keeping panels clean allows more light to reach the silicon cells inside. When sunlight hits the cells, electrons in the silicon are agitated. They start to move, creating a current of electricity. More light, equals more electricity generated.

  • I’ve never had my solar panels cleaned; should I book an appointment?

    It depends: not all solar panels need cleaning. High levels of rainfall in the UK means most solar panels are rinsed regularly. However, other factors may necessitate regular cleaning. For example, the pitch of your roof, or panels sited in more polluted locations. Cleaning heavily soiled panels will generate more electricity, saving you money. Get in touch, and our maintenance team will advise.

  • How long will my inverters last?

    Most of our inverters are covered by a seven-year warranty as standard. However, they should remain functional for much longer.

  • How long will my solar panels last?

    Solar panels last a long time! The design life of our panels is over 40 years. Even those with a 12-year warranty are guaranteed to keep working for at least 25 years.

  • Is operations and maintenance covered by my warranty?

    Sort of: we’ll administer the warranty on your behalf, if you have one. However, any work conducted outside of a valid warranty is billed on a job-by-job basis. While a warranty can cover any repairs necessary, regular monitoring and maintenance can prevent faults before they arise.

  • What are the warranty periods for RenEnergy installations?

    All our installations are covered by generous warranties. We offer a two-year warranty as standard, including labour. After that, it depends on the product, and the manufacturer. Most inverters are covered by five to seven-year warranties, but warranties of up to 20 years can be added at an additional cost. Our solar panels are operational for up to 25 years, with a warranty of at least 12 years. In the unlikely event of a fault during the warranty period (but after two years), you just have to pay for labour.