Our Power Purchase Agreements let you run your business with green, solar energy, without upfront investment.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are a funding model for solar projects. They help businesses gain their own solar systems, without capital investment.

While self-funded installations provide the best return on investment, this isn’t always an option. Renewable systems typically incur upfront costs, as well as ongoing servicing.

PPAs remove the need for investment, as you do not buy or own the solar panels. You just use them.

RenEnergy rents your otherwise unused roof space, and places solar panels there. You then purchase energy from RenEnergy at a lower-than-market rate. If you need additional electricity, you buy it from the grid as usual.

As decisionmakers increasingly choose brands with a clear environmental commitment, PPA solar delivers your business a competitive advantage. For organisations with high electricity usage, a PPA can also save you thousands on your energy bill.

Get in touch with our technical sales team on 01603 713 448 to discuss PPA options for your business. Alternatively, email info@renenergy.co.uk.

  • Who can benefit from a PPA?
    PPAs benefit businesses that want to use self-generated solar energy, without paying an upfront cost for solar panels and installation. They are most suitable for businesses that own their own premises, or with long-term leases. Businesses that use a lot of energy will save the most money with PPA solar.
  • How much does energy from RenEnergy cost?
    We offer fixed and flexible energy prices, allowing you to pick the best option for your business. Prices vary, but the energy generated on your roof will always be cheaper than market price. For reference, that’s around 14.4p per kWh.
  • How much does RenEnergy pay to rent my roof?
    RenEnergy pays a peppercorn rent for your roof: the majority of the benefit comes from the energy savings created. Additional benefit comes at the end of the lease period, where ownership of the system is transferred to you.
  • How long does a Power Purchase Agreement last?
    Our PPAs last 20-25 years. After that, ownership of the system transfers to you. Solar panels have an operational life of at least 40-45 years, so that means 15-20+ years of totally free energy for your business.
  • What if I move?
    Our Power Purchase Agreements are flexible and non-binding. Should your business outgrow its current premises, the PPA may be transferred to the new occupants of the building.