RenEnergy’s solar carports provide clean, cost-effective energy for your organisation, without losing a single parking space. Welcome to the future of on-site energy generation.

By generating your own clean energy on-site, RenEnergy’s solar carports allow you to reduce your energy spend and improve your bottom line.

We design, supply, and install each custom-made system to maximise available space and energy yield.

Our commercial solar canopies comprise a bespoke structure with high-spec solar PV panels. The compact design and innovative ground fixings allow a quick and efficient build, with minimal disruption to your site.

As well as improving your on-site parking, our solar carports also provide a clear display of your commitment to sustainability. Perfect for organisations with staff happiness and environmental CSR at their heart.

Our solar carport structures can accommodate battery storage, allowing you to use your solar energy beyond daylight hours, and electric vehicle charging points to future-proof for increasing EV charging demand.

Recent Projects: Commercial solar carport for Aviva Horizon, Norwich

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  • How does a solar carport work?

    Our custom-built structure supports solar panels over your parking spaces.

    The most important part of a solar panel is the silicon cells. When sunlight hits the panel, electrons in the cell start to move, creating a flow of electricity. However, this electricity is a direct current: we use alternating current in our appliances. An inverter changes the electricity to alternating current, ready for immediate use by your business.

    If you have battery storage, you can save electricity for use at a later date. If not, any unused electricity is released back to the grid.

  • Do I need planning permission?
    Yes, you do need planning permission to install a commercial solar carport – but RenEnergy will assist you with your application as part of our service. We have hundreds of successful planning permission applications under our belt.
  • How much energy will I generate?
    How much energy your solar carport can generate depends on many factors, including the number, type, and orientation of solar panels, and your geographic location. One of our customers supplies 63% of their annual electricity with their solar carport, and is totally off-grid during peak times. These factors will likewise affect how much you save on energy.
  • What’s the planning and installation process like?
    Like all our projects, we aim to make the solar carport installation process as smooth and quick as possible.
    The planning and installation process may be affected by a number of factors – contact us to discuss the scope of your project in more detail.
  • What other features come with your solar carports?

    All RenEnergy solar canopies can be equipped with a range of technologies, either during installation or retrofitted:

    • • LED lighting, for increased safety
    • • Rainwater harvesting and guttering
    • • CCTV
    • • Battery storage
    • • Electric vehicle charging points
    • • Branding and advertising, with coloured frames and customizable decals
  • Will you install a solar carport on my house?
    It depends. We primarily install solar carports for businesses and other organisations. That includes factories, farms, forecourts, transport sites, hospitals, schools and colleges, and public attractions. However, we may have the right smaller product which may be suitable for your needs. Please contact our technical team on 01603 713448 for more information.
  • What materials are your carports made from?
    Most of our solar carports are made from galvanised rolled steel. We are currently developing a wooden carport for customers seeking a softer, less industrial option. Get in touch to register your interest.