Renewable energy can be a very complicated sector, with each technology having differing benefits depending on the application. RenEnergy consultancy services can guide you through any past, present or future energy projects.

At RenEnergy we have spent the last ten years honing our understanding of exactly what each technology offers, and how it can best cater to your energy needs. Through extensive experience, the team at RenEnergy knows what it takes to get a project from inception to completion, overcoming any and all technical, developmental or administrative challenges. We have seen it all.

Industry knowledge is key to the success of any project, so in conjunction with offering full EPC service on all of our technologies, we provide high-level consultancy in the following areas:

  • Grid capacity G99 applications
  • Planning permissions
  • O&M contracts
  • On and off-grid battery storage
  • Diesel-hybrid PV solutions
  • Solar carport and EV charging solutions
  • RooFit applications
  • Structural analysis and surveys
  • International energy solutions
  • Commercial and agricultural energy solutions